Vendors can find important payroll and other project related forms here.

Lang is committed to providing our clients with highly skilled, qualified project teams, which includes our talented and dedicated trade partners.

To meet that goal, we partner with subcontractors and suppliers who share our vision for high quality, safe, and successful construction projects. Our prequalification form and process has been streamlined, making it easier than ever to partner with PC. If you are a subcontractor interested in working with us on upcoming projects, we invite you to get started!

Certified Payroll Form

US Department of Labor – Payroll for Contractors

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Subcontractor w-9

Standard W-Form for all contract hires.

Insurance Form

Lang required insurance requirement form.

covid-19 request Form

Subcontractor request for Covid-19 preparedness and response plan.


Lang Statement of Work form.

If you need additional assistance with the prequalification process, please email or call (810) 743-6702. All information is kept strictly confidential and used only for prequalification purposes.

A Proven Success
All our Subcontractors are prequalified by us and have proven success with us.

We have built our reputation of honor, integrity and respect with our clients for over 15 years because of both our in-house personnel and our subcontracting base. Most of our subcontractors have familiarity with government work and the challenges and expectations that come with this.

Many of our “Major” subcontractors understand the United States Postal Service IQ Contract and are familiar with the software that corresponds with it. We have current staff that is very experienced with the USPS Gordian software proposal system and subcontractors who know how to utilize and build correct line item proposals with us.

Whether we our self-performing the entire project, or subcontract portions, the management style and execution remain the same. Daily activities will be monitored and supervised by the quality control staff, including Safety & Health. Schedules, daily logs, milestones, material logs, safety meetings, etc. all performed by Lang Constructors personnel.